2018: Lomography Instant Square

Year of Introduction: 2018
Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Square Film
Lens: Glass lens, 95mm focal length, f/10 aperture
Focus: Zone focus with multiple distance settings

The Lomography Instant Square is a modern instant film camera that captures the vintage charm of square-format photography. Introduced in 2018, it combines the convenience of instant prints with the creative possibilities of manual control and artistic effects.

The Instant Square utilizes Fujifilm Instax Square Film, which produces 62mm x 62mm square prints. This format adds a unique aesthetic to images, reminiscent of classic Polaroid instant photography. The camera’s glass lens with a 95mm focal length and f/10 aperture delivers sharpness, vibrant colors, and a touch of dreamy quality to the photographs.

With its zone focus system, the Lomography Instant Square offers multiple distance settings, allowing photographers to choose the appropriate focus range for their subjects. This manual control encourages experimentation and creative exploration, allowing users to play with selective focus and depth of field effects.

The camera includes additional creative features, such as multiple exposure mode, bulb mode for long exposures, and a built-in flash with colored gel filters for adding artistic flair to images. These options enable photographers to experiment with different techniques and produce unique and expressive instant photographs.

The Lomography Instant Square is a standout camera in my collection due to its ability to combine the nostalgic appeal of instant film with modern features and creative control. Its square format brings a sense of uniqueness and artistic expression to each shot, making it perfect for capturing moments in a distinctive and memorable way. The camera’s manual focus and additional creative options allow me to push the boundaries of instant photography, unleashing my creativity and creating truly one-of-a-kind images. It serves as a reminder of the joy and surprise that instant film brings, providing a tangible and immediate connection to the art of photography.